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The KickStarter Campaign for "NikKollective Vol. 1"

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Nikkollective Vol. 1 COMING SOON!

Nikko is ready to release his first album! This time, all music will be 100% original and instrumental. The tracks explore several musical genres, while breaking away from the stereotypical genre definitions. The influence of Jazz harmony and language is predominant, but also accompanied by grooves closer to the RnB and Pop tradition. Elements of Funk and even Gospel are implemented by more edgy Rock sections. The acoustic sounds of "real-players-playing-real-instruments" lay comfortably over a solid base of electronically-produced elements.

Why KickStarter, you ask? As you might imagine, this kind of project requires a lot of studio time, the hard work of many talented musicians and the right tracking, mixing and mastering engineers. We're also putting together some incredible footage to promote this vision and share it with the world. That alone requires extra studio time and a professional video-crew for video production/editing. This project is 100% independently produced: there's no big label or investors backing us up. Therefore, the record can only be completed and released through your invaluable help and the support of those who, just like you, see the artistic potential of this idea and the value of this product.