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are part of Nikko's extensive work as a pianist/keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer.

"Soaring" is the first single and track #3 on Nikko’s upcoming debut-album "NikKollective Vol. 1". Visit the Kickstarter section of the website to learn more about the project! Help us finish the record with a donation!

"R.D.T.M." (which stands for: Right Down The Middle) is the second single and track #6 on the album "NikKollective Vol. 1". Visit the Kickstarter section of the website to learn more about the project! Help us finish the record with a donation!

The best moments from the 3-year period between 2015 & 2017. Scroll down for the full-length videos!

"Black Girl Magic" is a brand new original song written by Niya Norwood (lyrics) and Nikko Ielasi (music). Nikko is also credited for the musical arrangement and production.

Nikko and the band present their tribute to the music and the outstanding career of Beyoncé Knowles.

Acting as Musical Director for the Berklee tribute Ensemble, Nikko presented this arrangement of Dwele's "Must Be". Original Intro: "They Already Know"

"I Miss You" is an original song by Mayah Dyson (Lyrics) and Nikko Ielasi (Music, Arrangement and Production). 

Niya Norwood performs a breathtaking rendition of Beyonce's "Ave Maria", arranged by Nikko Ielasi.

NikKollective plays Nikko's original arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition".

DINNER SOON is a brand new duo-project created by Nikko and guitarist/producer Juan Carreno Ariza. Their first track is titled "More is More"!!! Hope you enjoy!

Here's Nikko's Jazz Piano-Solo Arrangement of a Disney Classic: "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes", from the movie "Cinderella".

While on the search for new sounds for his upcoming projects, Nikko tests a brand-new Roland JD-Xi. A great product!

Débo Ray presents her new original single "Daybreak"! Nikko is credited as an arranger for this wonderful work of art!

Nikko grew up as a Jazz pianist. While his work as an arranger and producer requires a lot of his time and energy, Nikko still enjoys moments of free improvisation on the piano!

NikKollective plays Nikko's original arrangement of the pop hit brought to fame by Ariana Grande, Jesse J & Nicki Minaj: here's "BANG BANG"!

This is an original song by the great singer/songwriter RickExpress! The title is "Ex Man" and it will get you off your seats and dancing! Nikko arranged the powerful horn section for this amazing work!

This is a quick INTRO idea for a live a show based on Beyoncé's music. Nikko often works as an arranger/musical director for live shows.

Nikko plays piano with a Berklee orchestra backing up singer/songwriter Bilal, in a moving tribute to the genius of Marvin Gaye!

In the same Marvin Gaye Tribute concert, Nikko had the chance to also accompany the amazing singer Chris Turner.

Still from the Marvin Gaye Tribute concert, Nikko plays piano for great singer Aloe Blacc

The song "Those Who Love" is an original orchestral composition by Nikko Ielasi. Hope you enjoy it!

Nikko plays along with the amazing singer Avery Wilson and music genius Jacob Collier. Only 40 seconds but harmony for days!

Nikko performs his original arrangement of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" in duet with great friend and outstanding singer Rick Express. Just in case you're visiting during the Holiday Season.

Nikko has gathered a lot of experience working side by side with great singers. Supporting beautiful voices is as much exciting as it is challenging. Singer/Songwriter Gabi Francesca and Nikko share years of beautiful friendship and musical collaborations.

Vocalists Débo Ray effortlessly executes this touching rendition of Billie Holiday's "Don't Explain", in an orchestral arrangement created by Nikko and played by an orchestra made of Berklee and BoCo students.

Nikko performs his original arrangement of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature". NikKollective vocalists Débo Ray, Gabi Francesca & Bryson Camper complete this acoustic rendition of the tune.

In a throwback video from 2012, Nikko accompanies his great friend and singer Débo Ray in an improvised duet rendition of "Everything Must Change"

This concert was recorded live in Bucharest, Romania at the Arenele Romane, on September 19th 2015. Nikko played keys in this amazing rendition of Christine Smith's "Afterglow". Christine is also singing lead in the video.

Nikko performs his original instrumental "Baby Steps". The trio is completed by drummer Arthur Kam and bassist Max McKellar.

Nikko is an active studio musician. In this video by bass player and producer Jamahl Smith, he lays down keys with some great musicians in Jamahl's original "Intentional".

Although the sound quality is not the greatest, this is an example of Nikko's work in a Jazz trio setting. In this rendition of Thelonious Monk's "I Mean You" Nikko swings along with Fabrizio Sciacca on Upright Bass and Misaki Nakamichi on Drums

Appearing in Romanian Radio Zu, one of the country's top national Radio Networks, Nikko plays keyboards in this beautiful rendition of "Odd Soul". The song was written and performed by singer/songwriter Gabriela Francesca.

Here's some footage of Nikko at home, back in Ischia (Italy), practicing some free improvisation over a beautiful Steinway & Sons Mod. B!!!

Nikko is an active session musician. In this video, he plays keyboards in an original song called "En Un Sitio Mejor" by singer/saxophonist Victor Mirallas. 

Nikko plays keys in this arrangement of Pharrell Williams' "Phrontin", produced by guitarist Zayn.

Nikko plays keys in this arrangement of Selena Gomez's "The Heart Wants What It Wants" produced by guitarist Juan Carreno and sung by Gabriela Francesca.

Nikko appears as one of the keyboardists in this Berklee video arranged and produced by guitarist Juan Carreno: a mash-up of some of the 2015 Grammy-Nominated songs.

Backing up amazing singer/songwriter and great friend Gabriela Francesca. Nikko is on keys in this nice video of Gabi's original song "INK".

Nikko plays his solo piano arrangement of the American National Anthem, the "Star Spangled Banner".

Nikko pays tribute to the great Italian singer and guitarist Pino Daniele recently after he passed away. This is Nikko's arrangement of Piano Daniele's "Quanno Chiove".

Nikko plays his original track "Colorless Perspectives". The track was created as a protest against all forms of racism.

Nikko covers Oscar Peterson's Piano Solo arrangement of the song "Over The Rainbow".